Sudoku Pro 51After the demise of Accolade Puzzles it had begun to look like it was the end of the road for Sudoku Pro, the puzzle magazine I supplied all the puzzles for and which was packed full of many Sudoku variants and other Japanese puzzles. But now, thanks to the support of the magazine’s new owner, My Hobby Store (publishers of a wide range of other hobby titles), Sudoku Pro is back!

Issue 51 of Sudoku Pro is on sale in independent newsagents now – you won’t find it in WH Smiths or your supermarket, but your local newsagent will be able to order it for you if they don’t already have it on the shelves. Or alternatively you can subscribe via the My Hobby Store website, and save some money and get it delivered to your door as soon as it’s available every month. At £22 for 12 issues it’s pretty amazing value. I have issue 51 in my hands and it looks as good as ever, now being in a slightly smaller and therefore more easily portable format.

If you enjoyed Sudoku Pro before then you’ll certainly enjoy it again, since the selection of puzzles is almost identical. If you’ve never read it but would be interested in a magazine packed full of Sudoku variants and other Japanese puzzles, then please do seek it out to ensure it sells enough issues to keep going strong!