Issue 11 pre-printed version coverSudoku Xtra 11 is now available, and it is packed with even more puzzles then last month!

The cover features a Boomerang Samurai, made up of 10 overlapping 8×8 puzzles, and then later on there’s a double-page spread with a real X factor, the facing Return of the Boomerang 1 & 2 – consecutive and odd/even-pair variants.

There are also heyawake, yajilin, nurikabe, masyu, dominoes, calcudoku, slitherlink, killer sudoku prime, killer sudoku pro +/-, variant size jigsaw, hitori and many more puzzle types. And there’s a second huge 13-grid 9×9 Samurai, with a Consecutive Samurai 13-X – every bit as huge and intimidating as you might imagine!

The Community Puzzles section this month welcomes another new contributor, Deb Mohanty, a key member of the Indian puzzle community and author of some very well-respected puzzles and competitions. His “No 4 in a Row” puzzles will challenge your ability to both spot the “obvious” and also reason using uniqueness logic! There are also more Labyrinth puzzles, more Haijo from Vexus, an alternative set of Yajilin from Thomas Collyer, and the hexagonal ‘Hexagodoku’ from Clarity Media. David Millar’s mighty Knight Samurai Sudoku +/- will test your Sudoku variant skills to the limit, with its five grids of attacking knights and positive and negative numbers. And that’s just some of what’s in the section this month.

Sudoku Xtra 11 is available for download as a PDF, as well as pre-printed from Lulu and also from (eligible for free super-saver shipping!).