Sudoku Xtra Issue 15Sudoku Xtra issue 15 is now available for download from, and it’s another packed issue of the logic puzzle magazine.  With 59 different types of logic puzzle at a wide range of difficulties it’s got something in it for everyone, and it’s far from just Sudoku and variants. In fact there’s not a single regular 9×9 Sudoku in the whole magazine! From the giant cover Masyu through to the Tapa, Heyawake, Nurikabe, new puzzles and more there is plenty to keep you busy.

The magazine can be downloaded as a PDF and printed at home, or it can be ordered pre-printed from Lulu or (the last of these coming in the next week or so, once their system updates and lists it).

I’m also now posting full lists of content over on the magazines page at,so you can click the expanding links to see a list of every puzzle in both this and the previous two issues, as well as order back issues.

And talking of back issues, I didn’t post here previously but issues 13 and 14 are also available (and have been for 4 and 2 months respectively), although the issues of these have only just been uploaded so again these should appear in the next week or so.

Sudoku Xtra 13Sudoku Xtra 14