Sudoku Xtra 19

Sudoku Xtra 19 is now available for download as a PDF or pre-printed via,, and also the French, Italian and Spanish Amazon sites.

This issue features 144 varied hand-crafted and language-neutral logic puzzles of over 50 different types, all with a unique solution which can be found without guessing.

The page size in both the PDF and pre-printed versions is now slightly larger, but the magazine is still set up so that if you print it yourself at 100% size on either A4 or Letter paper all of the content will fit perfectly on the page. This extra space has let me fit more content into less pages, so despite having 14 more puzzles than the previous issue it has 8 less pages (or 4 less in the PDF version).

In terms of content, path-finding Ultimazum is back by popular demand, and this issue also introduces Kropki Sudoku, Sudoku XV and my own Integer Multiple Sudoku. Plus there’s a twist on an existing popular type with Non-consecutive Sudoku.

Other puzzles include Hanjie, Slitherlink, Yajilin, Heyawake, Nurikabe, Masyu, Hashi and many more. Other Sudoku variants include Samurai Sudoku (both 13- and 5-grid versions), Killer Sudoku Pro, Odd Pair Sudoku, Jigsaw Sudoku, Skyscraper Sudoku, Sudoku 16×16 and tens of other types.

Printed copies are on top-quality, 8.5×11 inch (21.6×28 cm) paper ideal for solving on.

Sudoku Xtra 19, available now.