Sudoku Xtra 18The 18th issue of Sudoku Xtra is now available, either pre-printed or as a downloadable PDF.  It’s designed so each page can be printed separately, so you need only print the puzzles you want to try, and all of the puzzle content is in black and white.

This issue features 130 logic puzzles in a wide range of designs and sizes, from 5×5 right up to larger than 30×30.  Puzzle types include Yajilin, Heyawake, Nurikabe, Masyu and more of the Windows puzzles introduced in the previous issue, plus an enormous range of different Sudoku variants including many seen on this blog.

There’s also a packed Community Puzzles Section featuring content from the world’s best puzzle authors, such as David Millar’s awe-inspiring Knighted Samurai Shape Sudoku through to more of Vexus Puzzle’s delightful route-finding Tiktaka.

Sudoku Xtra 16 and Sudoku Xtra 17 have also been published since I last updated this blog, so head over to the Sudoku Xtra magazines page for more details.

You can also view a full list of the contents of each magazine on the Sudoku Xtra site.

Sudoku Xtra 16Sudoku Xtra 17