Sudoku Xtra 20Sudoku Xtra 20 is out now, available pre-printed from your local Amazon or as a PDF to download and print yourself.

Issue 20 is packed with 151 puzzles, featuring many new Sudoku variants including Arrow Sudoku, Worm Sudoku, Anti-King Sudoku, Quad Clue Sudoku, Argyle Sudoku, Frame Sudoku, Little Killer Sudoku, Extra Region Pointers Sudoku, Offset Sudoku, a huge Odd/Even Samurai 13-grid Sudoku and more, plus the new varieties introduced in Sudoku Xtra 19 are back too. Tapa and LITS puzzles also return this issue, along with many existing favourites, such as Hanjie, Battleships, Hashi, Calcudoku, Slitherlink and so on. There’s a full list on the Sudoku Xtra magazines page.