Daily Mail Weekend Magazine

Weekend magazine Daily Express 4th March 2017

Weekend magazine Daily Express 4th March 2017

This weekend’s Weekend magazine in the Daily Mail features 8 pages of my puzzles, including some that you won’t find anywhere else.

Puzzles include:

  • Prize spiral crossword – the clues read both inwards and outwards!
  • Wolves and Sheep – a variant on Slitherlink where you have to keep the sheep from the wolves
  • Letter soup – anagram mix
  • Shape link – a colourful version of number link
  • Sudoku Jigsaw – 5×5 puzzle
  • Bridge Maze – complex multi-level maze
  • Masyu – find a loop through the circles
  • Cell blocks – a small Rectangles, but with symmetric, attractively arranged givens
  • Futoshiki – inequality latin square
  • King’s Journey – find a route that visits every square once
  • Griddler – a 15×15 Hanjie picture-revealing puzzle
  • Giant dot-to-dot – in colour!
  • And many more, including word search, cube counting, shape division, ‘what connects?’, missing letters, matchstick, riddles, spot the difference, optical illusion, dis-em-vowelled, number pyramid, number darts, visual confusion, lateral thinking, logic puzzles – and more!

And what’s more, there are 4 more pages of my puzzles every single day this week in the Daily Mail, in addition to the paper’s regular puzzle content, and that selection will include some of the same plus some original puzzles such as a star-shaped 3D Sudoku. There is also a prize spiral crossword every day, so get your pencils ready!

Sudoku Xtra 24

Sudoku Xtra 24

Sudoku Xtra 24 is now finally available! It’s packed with 130 puzzles of a wide range of types, including a huge variety of sudoku variants.

This issue I’ve included a very wide range
of variants, including some new ones such as Two-grid Interconnected Sudoku, Mystery Multiple
Sudoku and Blackout Sudoku. Meanwhile I’ve made an effort to include all of the most popular
variants as requested by readers, such as Consecutive Sudoku, Inequality Sudoku, Odd/Even
Sudoku and of course many more.
If there’s anything you’d like to see in a future issue

This issue I’ve included some new sudoku types such as Two-grid Interconnected Sudoku, Mystery Multiple Sudoku and Blackout Sudoku. I’ve also made an effort to include all of the most popular variants as requested by readers, such as Consecutive Sudoku, Inequality Sudoku, Odd/Even Sudoku – and of course many more.

There’s also a range of non-sudoku puzzles, including Light-up/Akari, Hashi, Slitherlink, Battleships, Skyscrapers, Calcudoku, Futoshiki, No Four in a Row, and more!

It’s available either as a PDF to print yourself (every page is self-contained, so you can print only the pages you want), or as a professionally-printed book direct from Amazon – there are links for all of these on the Sudoku Xtra site.

Sudoku Xtra 21

Sudoku Xtra 21Sudoku Xtra 21 is now available, both as a PDF download to print yourself and also as a pre-printed book from your local Amazon store.  Follow the links on the Sudoku Xtra website to get hold of it in your preferred form.

Sudoku Xtra 21 is packed full of 144 top-quality logic puzzles covering a wide range of types. There is a particular emphasis on Sudoku and new varieties appearing for the first time in this volume include Quad-Max Sudoku, Anti-Knight Sudoku, Slashed Sudoku, Minus Little Killer, Product Frame Sudoku, Headless Worm Sudoku, Extra Region Windmill Sudoku, Non-Consecutive Diagonal Sudoku, Mystery Calcudoku Zero and a giant Trio 13-grid Samurai Sudoku.

The very first page features a large Arrow Samurai Sudoku, and other returning variants that were recently introduced to the series include Worm Sudoku, Quad Clue Sudoku, Offset Sudoku, Sudoku XV and Kropki Sudoku.

Not only that, but there’s Hanjie, Futoshiki, Hashi, Yajilin, Calcudoku, Dominoes, Hitori, Slitherlink and many more logic puzzles.

Pre-printed copies are on top-quality, 8.5×11 inch paper ideal for solving on, while download PDFs are designed to fit both A4 and Letter paper for printing.

Sudoku Xtra 20

Sudoku Xtra 20Sudoku Xtra 20 is out now, available pre-printed from your local Amazon or as a PDF to download and print yourself.

Issue 20 is packed with 151 puzzles, featuring many new Sudoku variants including Arrow Sudoku, Worm Sudoku, Anti-King Sudoku, Quad Clue Sudoku, Argyle Sudoku, Frame Sudoku, Little Killer Sudoku, Extra Region Pointers Sudoku, Offset Sudoku, a huge Odd/Even Samurai 13-grid Sudoku and more, plus the new varieties introduced in Sudoku Xtra 19 are back too. Tapa and LITS puzzles also return this issue, along with many existing favourites, such as Hanjie, Battleships, Hashi, Calcudoku, Slitherlink and so on. There’s a full list on the Sudoku Xtra magazines page.

Sudoku Xtra 19 now available

Sudoku Xtra 19

Sudoku Xtra 19 is now available for download as a PDF or pre-printed via,, and also the French, Italian and Spanish Amazon sites.

This issue features 144 varied hand-crafted and language-neutral logic puzzles of over 50 different types, all with a unique solution which can be found without guessing.

The page size in both the PDF and pre-printed versions is now slightly larger, but the magazine is still set up so that if you print it yourself at 100% size on either A4 or Letter paper all of the content will fit perfectly on the page. This extra space has let me fit more content into less pages, so despite having 14 more puzzles than the previous issue it has 8 less pages (or 4 less in the PDF version).

In terms of content, path-finding Ultimazum is back by popular demand, and this issue also introduces Kropki Sudoku, Sudoku XV and my own Integer Multiple Sudoku. Plus there’s a twist on an existing popular type with Non-consecutive Sudoku.

Other puzzles include Hanjie, Slitherlink, Yajilin, Heyawake, Nurikabe, Masyu, Hashi and many more. Other Sudoku variants include Samurai Sudoku (both 13- and 5-grid versions), Killer Sudoku Pro, Odd Pair Sudoku, Jigsaw Sudoku, Skyscraper Sudoku, Sudoku 16×16 and tens of other types.

Printed copies are on top-quality, 8.5×11 inch (21.6×28 cm) paper ideal for solving on.

Sudoku Xtra 19, available now.

Sudoku Xtra 18

Sudoku Xtra 18The 18th issue of Sudoku Xtra is now available, either pre-printed or as a downloadable PDF.  It’s designed so each page can be printed separately, so you need only print the puzzles you want to try, and all of the puzzle content is in black and white.

This issue features 130 logic puzzles in a wide range of designs and sizes, from 5×5 right up to larger than 30×30.  Puzzle types include Yajilin, Heyawake, Nurikabe, Masyu and more of the Windows puzzles introduced in the previous issue, plus an enormous range of different Sudoku variants including many seen on this blog.

There’s also a packed Community Puzzles Section featuring content from the world’s best puzzle authors, such as David Millar’s awe-inspiring Knighted Samurai Shape Sudoku through to more of Vexus Puzzle’s delightful route-finding Tiktaka.

Sudoku Xtra 16 and Sudoku Xtra 17 have also been published since I last updated this blog, so head over to the Sudoku Xtra magazines page for more details.

You can also view a full list of the contents of each magazine on the Sudoku Xtra site.

Sudoku Xtra 16Sudoku Xtra 17

Sudoku Xtra Issue 15

Sudoku Xtra Issue 15Sudoku Xtra issue 15 is now available for download from, and it’s another packed issue of the logic puzzle magazine.  With 59 different types of logic puzzle at a wide range of difficulties it’s got something in it for everyone, and it’s far from just Sudoku and variants. In fact there’s not a single regular 9×9 Sudoku in the whole magazine! From the giant cover Masyu through to the Tapa, Heyawake, Nurikabe, new puzzles and more there is plenty to keep you busy.

The magazine can be downloaded as a PDF and printed at home, or it can be ordered pre-printed from Lulu or (the last of these coming in the next week or so, once their system updates and lists it).

I’m also now posting full lists of content over on the magazines page at,so you can click the expanding links to see a list of every puzzle in both this and the previous two issues, as well as order back issues.

And talking of back issues, I didn’t post here previously but issues 13 and 14 are also available (and have been for 4 and 2 months respectively), although the issues of these have only just been uploaded so again these should appear in the next week or so.

Sudoku Xtra 13Sudoku Xtra 14

Sudoku Xtra 10 – over 60 puzzle types!

Sudoku Xtra 10Issue 10 of Sudoku Xtra magazine is now available, and it’s packed with over 60 different types of wordless logic puzzle!

With 125 separate puzzles there really should be something in there for everyone, so whether you like huge Samurai Sudoku puzzles such as the 13-grid Samurai X, or just encountering a wide range of different Japanese logic puzzles, then there’s something in it for you. And don’t be confused by the name – the puzzles include not just Sudoku and a huge range of variants, but also Hanjie, Nurikabe, Yajilin, Slitherlink and many more.

To celebrate the 10th issue I’ve featured a range of 10-themed puzzles in the main section, including some with 10-shaped givens, 10 sides, 10-related layouts or 10-based values in the puzzles (for example a powers of 10 +/- Killer Sudoku!).

Meanwhile the Community Puzzles section just continues to get better and better thanks to the incredible skill and generosity of those contributing puzzles. New this issue is a page of Labyrinth puzzles (as seen in Beyond Sudoku) from Nathan Roberts, as well as Navigrids plus a new puzzle from the Vexus Puzzle Design stall. There’s also a page of challenging Battleships puzzles courtesy of Clarity Media, and on top of that there’s an awesome loop puzzle called Castle Wall from Palmer Mebane/MellowMelon.

The incredibly talented David Millar has crafted some special issue 10 puzzles, with some Sum Sudoku that have only “10″ clues, and a Slitherlink with only “10″ pairs in the grid! Meanwhile Grant Fikes has created three brilliant classic Nikoli-style puzzles, and there’s another visually-stunning Altair Slitherlink and more from Jim Bumgardner. Not only that but also Tom Collyer has created two more incredibly impressive Nurikabe-Sudoku cross-over puzzles, which really put all your puzzle-solving skills to the test. 

All that, and I’ve not even li
sted everything that’s to be found in the Community Puzzles secti

Sudoku Xtra is available now from

Sudoku Xtra 9 puzzle magazine now out!

Issue 9 cover

Issue 9 of my Sudoku Xtra magazine is now available for either download as a PDF, or pre-printed from (US) or (elsewhere). With an incredible 127 logic and number puzzles across over 50 types of puzzles, this month’s issue features a giant cover PivotPix picture logic puzzle (also known as Sym-a-Pix and Spiral Galaxies).

This issue has the biggest Community Puzzles section yet, with some truly astonishing puzzles contributed by the cream of the world’s puzzle authors. From Colorlink to a Hanjie-Nurikabe cross-over, and from Symmetric Heyawake to Lying Sum Sudoku, there’s something for everyone.

The rest of the magazine as always has some new variants and rearranged content in, including the interesting Killer Sudoku 1 3 5 7 9 -2 -4 -6 -8 (guaranteed to challenge even the best Killer solvers), Odd-Pairs S and more. With greater variety than any other puzzle publication, including a huge range of Sudoku variants, Sudoku Xtra really is incredible value.

Available from the Sudoku Xtra site now!

Sudoku Xtra 8 now out

Sudoku Xtra 8Sudoku Xtra issue 8 is now available for download! Printed copies are available from Lulu already, with due to follow in the next week or so.

There’s an ‘S’ theme for a few of the puzzles this month, as you can see on the cover (right).

This issue I’m very excited to welcome some brand new Community Puzzles section contributors – Thomas Collyer, the two-time UK Times National Sudoku Champion; and Grant Fikes, one of the most prolific authors of Japanese puzzles outside Japan itself – who have very kindly donated some fantastic puzzles to this issue. There are also some brilliant Slitherlink/Sudoku cross-over puzzles by David Millar of The Griddle, and that’s only half of the section described so far!

The rest of the magazine as always has some new variants and rearranged content in, including Killer Prime (Killer Sudoku with prime numbers…) and Skyscraper S (a twisted 6×6 Skyscraper variant!). At just £3.99/$5.99 for a download it’s still incredible value even when compared to cheaper mags – with 116 puzzles that’s less than 4p/6¢ a puzzle, and you’d have to average around 4 a day to get the whole issue complete in time for issue 9!

With over 50 different types of puzzle in issue 8, what are you waiting for?! :)