Samurai Toroidal 13-grid Killer Sudoku Pro puzzle

Now this is a puzzle I can state with confidence that you won’t have seen before.  It’s a Killer Sudoku Pro puzzle – i.e. a Killer Sudoku with -, x and / regions too; but more than that it’s a Samurai Killer Sudoku Pro made out of 13 grids; and then further still the cages are toroidal, both around the edge of the grid and across the gaps.  In other words, the Killer Sudoku Pro regions aren’t bounded by the actual physical layout of the 13-grids – they either jump the gap (in a straight line) or wrap around the edges of the puzzle (again in a straight line, albeit one that jumps to the other side!).

If you like huge puzzles then you should really enjoy this, assuming you can print it out large enough to actually have a chance of solving it!  For everyone else, I’ll post some more smaller puzzles soon!  It’s not actually very difficult, logically, but completing the whole thing would still take a fair while – perhaps a couple of hours, I think.

The rules are:

  • Place 1-9 into each row, column and 3×3 bold-lined box of each of the 13 underlying 9×9 Sudoku grids
  • Place numbers into each dashed-line cage so that all together they give the total at the top-left of the cage once the given operation is applied – for subtraction and division start with the largest number in the cage and then subtract/divide-by the other numbers.
  • Numbers can not be repeated in a cage.
  • Some cages continue across the gaps – just use an imaginary straight-line rule to follow them on and find the rest of the cage (so for example if a cage runs across a gap in the 3rd row down, it continues on the other side of the gap also on the 3rd row down)
  • Some cages continue across the edges of the grid – these wrap around to the same row or column on the opposite side of the puzzle

If you try it: Good Luck!