Skyscraper Sudoku puzzle

It occurs to me that I didn’t get round to posting any ’straightforward’ Skyscraper Sudoku puzzles previously, so I thought I’d rectify that today.  Attached is a regular 9×9 Sudoku with the addition of Skyscraper clues around the edge, and no other twists!

For the Skyscraper clues the numbers around the edge represent the number of digits visible from that point looking in along the row/column, where higher digits obscure all lower digits.  So for example the solution to the clue ‘9′ would have to be 123456789, otherwise you couldn’t see all 9 digits; if the clue is ‘1′ then the first digit must be a 9, hiding all of the other digits.  However the solution to the clue ‘8′ might be 134567829, where the ‘2′ is “hidden” behind the higher digits, or one of several other possibilities.  For more examples and more detailed instructions click back to some of my older puzzle postings.


On a completely different topic, if you’ve had any trouble viewing the most recent few puzzles then I apologise – it turns out that some of them wouldn’t open in older versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 7 wouldn’t open them, at any rate – the current version is 9.1).  I changed the way I make PDFs a week ago, but I hope I’ve now fixed what I think was causing the problem!  If today’s puzzle won’t open for you I’d be incredibly grateful if you could post a comment and tell me what PDF viewer you’re using and what error message you get! :)

Good luck with today’s puzzle!