Skyscraper 7×7 puzzle

Skyscraper 5×5 puzzle

It occurs to me that I haven’t yet posted a regular, vanilla Skyscraper puzzle, so I decided that today was the day to rectify that!  The 5×5 puzzle attached is pretty easy – it can be solved in under a minute if you’re on your toes!  The 7×7 is nowhere near as hard as many of the puzzles I’ve posted recently, but it will certainly take longer than that.

The rules are simple: place 1 to 5 (or 1 to 7) into each row and column whilst obeying the skyscraper constraints.  In Skyscraper puzzles each number in the completed grid represents a building of that many storeys, so the aim is to place the buildings in such a way that each given number outside the grid represents the number of buildings that can be seen from that point, looking along the adjacent row/column.  A building with a higher value always obscures a building with a lower value, and a building with a lower value never obscures a building with a higher value.  (Click back and look at some of my older posts for more details and examples)


Also, I want to say thanks very much for all of the fantastic comments that have been posted in response to my other puzzles – I’ve read them all and taken note and am working on suitable puzzles to follow up! :)