Wrap-around Consecutive 3-grid 6×6 Samurai Skyscraper puzzle

Another mouthful of a puzzle name, but in essence simply a development of the previous puzzle I posted.  This time we still have the wrap-around consecutive-ness, but I’ve extended it to a samurai puzzle and added in skyscraper clues.  To keep it reasonable, I’ve reduced the underylying Sudoku size to 6×6, however!

What’s particularly fun about the wrap-around markers is that they warp from one side of the puzzle to the same row/column on the opposite side – for the centre two columns this means that they constrain the values of two numbers 10 squares apart.

So the full rules are:

  • Place 1 to 6 into each row, column and 2×3 bold-lined box of each of the three underlying 6×6 grids
  • White bars show that adjacent cells are consecutive – i.e. 1&2, 2&3, 3&4, 4&5 or 5&6; those squares without a white bar between are non-consecutive
  • White bars are shown where appropriate even on the edges of the grid –  they indicate how the cell relates to the square at the far end of this row/column of numbers.  Remember that the lack of such a white bar means that these wrap-around squares are non-consecutive.
  • Skyscraper clues reveal how many numbers can be ’seen’ from that clue number counting in along the adjacent row/column, where higher numbers obscure all lower numbers (see previous puzzles for more detailed instructions)

Just to clarify, if adjacent numbers are equal (which is possible if they’re at far sides of the grid from one another) then these count as non-consecutive.

Good luck! :)