Diagonal Number Link 5×5 puzzle

Diagonal Number Link 4×4 puzzle

If you thought toroidal number link was tricky, then how about diagonal number link?!  In this variant the rules are exactly the same but now you can use diagonal lines as well as horizontal and vertical lines!  The diagonal lines can only travel between diagonally-adjacent (diagonally touching) squares, and diagonal lines are allowed to cross. This is because the Number link rule is that “each square can only have a single line in it” – in the case of diagonal numberlink this does actually allow the lines to cross at the corner of certain squares.  So just draw one line per pair of identical numbers, linking them together.  In the unique solution all squares are used.

The first 4×4 puzzle is very easy but despite being very easy it’s still a bit confusing to actually solve, so I’d suggest trying it first.

The 5×5 puzzle isn’t exactly difficult either, but it might at least give you a minute or so of amusement!  I found it quite interesting to solve at least.