Diagonal Number Link 8×5 puzzle 2

Diagonal Number Link 8×5 puzzle 1

Here’s two more, slightly larger, diagonal number link puzzles – these are 8×5.  The problem with diagonal number link is that it’s very hard to constrain the puzzles to a unique solution without making them really quite easy, since lines essentially can’t run parallel for more than a couple of squares, otherwise they could swap over and back and produce at least two different solutions.

So in fact once you get over the slight confusion of diagonal lines, diagonal number link actually turns out to be easier I think, and these two puzzles do demonstrate the relatively easy nature – they can both be solved logically without too much effort.  However I found them quite fun, none the less!

The finished puzzles look good though – all those diagonal lines make it seem as if you’ve just solved something really tricky… :)

Please see previous posts for the rules of number link and diagonal number link.