Samurai-2 Odd Pair Sudoku puzzle

One of the brand new puzzles in Sudoku Xtra issue 4 is Odd-Pair Sudoku, which I wrote about last week here on my puzzle blog. As well as some regular 9×9 puzzles I also included a large 5-grid Odd-Pair Samurai puzzle, and to illustrate how the puzzle worked I included a small solved example alongside. A full 5-grid Samurai was too big to fit sensibly in the example box, so I made a 2-grid Samurai version just for that little solution area. So that’s the solution used, but what about the puzzle itself? Well, here it is! (And so if you want to check your solution – yes, it’s printed in Sudoku Xtra issue 4! Page 19, to be precise).

The rules, in case you missed them, are really simple:

  • Place 1 to 9 in each row, column and bold-lined 3×3 box of the two 9×9 Sudoku grids
  • Every pair of squares with an ‘o’ circle between them must sum to an odd value. (’o’ for odd). So for example you could have “3 o 6″, but not “3 o 5″ (since that would sum to 8, an even number).

This variant is fun because it eliminates lots of possibilities from squares relatively quickly, so you’re left with more deductive logic and less pencil-mark housekeeping.

Good luck! :)