Zero Killer Sudoku 9×9 1 puzzle
Probably because it sounded cool, or it was invented by someone who didn’t quite speak English, Killer Sudoku puzzles with some of the redundant clues removed are often referred to as ‘Zero’ Killer Sudoku. Or perhaps it’s because there are “zero redundant clues”. In any case, here’s one of those puzzles, where I have taken out all but the clues you definitely need to get a unique solution.

Usual Killer Sudoku rules apply: Place 1 to 9 in each row, column and bold-lined box as usual, but you must also ensure that each dashed-line cage adds up to the total given at the top-left of it. Numbers can not repeat in a dashed-line cage.

Speaking for myself, I found this puzzle really challenging to solve, but I can promise you that there’s no need to guess or use trial and error in any way – every deduction can be made using standard killer solving techniques.

Good luck! :)