Two-away Sudoku puzzle

I just noticed that Monday marked my 50th post to, so to celebrate I thought I’d try a (slightly) new variation today: Two-away Sudoku.  As its appearance might suggest, it is a close relative of Consecutive Sudoku.  In fact it’s pretty much the same, except that the shaded grey bars indicate that the difference between neighbouring squares is 2 (not 1, as in Consecutive Sudoku).  As in Consecutive Sudoku, all grey bars are drawn – so if one is absent then the difference is not 2.

For example, if you see a grey bar next to a square with ‘1′ in it then the neighbouring square must be ‘3′.  However if you have a square with ‘1′ in and there is no grey bar between it and a neighbouring square then that square cannot contain ‘3′.  It’s pretty simple really.

So – just place 1 to 9 into each row, column and 3×3 box whilst obeying the grey two-away markers!

Good luck! :)