Outside Sudoku 6×6 puzzle

Here’s something new (for me at least) – an Outside Sudoku puzzle.  This one’s 6×6, just to get the ball rolling, but I have some larger ones (including some Samurai ones) ready for Sudoku Xtra issue 3!

The numbers outside the grid reveal some, none or all of the numbers that go somewhere in that same row or column anywhere up to the first bold line encountered – in other words, they go in that row/column of the adjacent bold-lined region.  If more than one number is given then the order need not necessarily be the same as that shown.

For example, look at the top-left.  The 4 and the 1 both go somewhere in the first three squares of the top row, but not necessarily in that order.  Below them the 6 goes in the first three squares of its row, and at the bottom-left of the puzzle the 4 and 5 go into the bottom two squares of the left-most column.

Then just follow through as a regular Sudoku until it is solved.  Good luck! :)