Codeword puzzle

I see this is only my second post in the past week, so sorry for the lower quantity of puzzles.  I’m somewhat puzzled-out during the day creating lots of different types, so I’ve spent less time on making them for my blog where I don’t have a deadline to meet! :)

Today I’ve decided to post a Codeword, simply because I’ve never posted one before and I thought it would be fun to have one – it’s not a very original puzzle, but I probably need a few everyday puzzles in order to make the unusual ones stand out more! :)  The aim of a Codeword puzzle is simply to work out which letter is represented by each value – all 26 letters must be placed at least once into the grid, and each number represents a different letter.   The result should be a completed crossword grid, full of English words (and without proper nouns).

Good luck! :)