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I can supply a wide range of top-quality puzzles in whatever format you require, and to whatever specifications you have.

I make all of my own puzzles which means I can guarantee the quality. Every single puzzle I supply has a unique solution which can be reached by reasonable logical deduction. And because every puzzle I supply is either entirely hand-made or has significant human input into the creation, my puzzles are good to look at and interesting to solve too.

A selection of my published books

Because I make all of my own puzzles, I can supply any puzzle in whatever file format you need – whether PDF, EPS, bitmap or even in a computer-readable data format – and with whatever line widths, dimensions and typefaces you require. When publishing multiple types of puzzle this can be particularly important, ensuring that the material all fits well together.

My puzzles have been published across the world in a wide range of books and magazines, including those in this list, and have appeared in several electronic games and board games.

I can supply full instructions for all puzzles – detailed or brief – and worked solutions, hints and tips as required. I can also supply accompanying text or feature articles on puzzles or brain-training.

Some of the features of my puzzles are:

  • Scalable vector PDF files, press-ready for dropping straight into your publication
  • Both colour and monochrome puzzles available
  • Available at a wide range of puzzle dimensions
  • Graded puzzle difficulties
  • Solutions supplied in same-size PDF/EPS files
  • Option of specifying your own design and/or colour scheme
  • Plus many other options, such as unique Jigsaw and Samurai Sudoku layouts and more
  • All puzzles supplied are unique to your publication

Also see my Sudoku Xtra ‘for publishers’ page for other details of puzzle and print production services I offer.

For further details of puzzle types, as well as testimonials, clients and more, see Any Puzzle Media Ltd, my puzzle production company,

If you wish to obtain puzzles for use in your publication, website or other outlet then please contact gareth@garethmoore.co.uk.