Futoshiki 7×7 puzzle

Futoshiki 6×6 puzzle

It’s been a little quiet here the past week or so due to circumstances beyond my control, but in preparation for the launch of Sudoku Xtra issue 2 tomorrow I thought it would be fun to post a couple of left-over puzzles here.  These are nothing particularly unusual, I’m afraid – just some regular Futoshiki puzzles, in fact, but I don’t think I’ve posted any of these to this blog before so it was probably about time I did!

The rules of the puzzle are really simple – just place 1 to 6 or 1 to 7 into each row and column, whilst obeying the inequality signs (this means that the arrows should point at the lower number of each adjacent pair, where shown).

I’ve mixed up the already varied puzzle sizes a bit more in Sudoku Xtra issue 2, so several of the puzzle types that were all 9×9 in issue 1 are now at a range of sizes (mostly 6×6, 8×8, 9×9, 10×10).  I’ve also tried to make sure the Skyscraper puzzles aren’t quite so tricky as last time round!  In fact I’ve tried to make sure there’s a slightly wider range of difficulties on many of the types.  This is something I’ll refine further over future issues, as I continue to find out what people think of the various puzzles.

I’m still putting the finishing touches to the issue, so I’d better get back to that now. Enjoy the Futoshiki!