My new book is out now – The Little Book of Hard-as-Nails Sudoku 5, from Michael O’Mara. It’s available from Amazon UK (link on the right) and, as they say, all other good book stores! (For now, it’s UK only, although importers have listed it on already). It’s part of the Little Book of Sudoku series, thus the number 5 on the cover (although confusingly it’s actually the 6th Little Book of Sudoku, since there was one by another author with the prefix ‘Quick’).

It has 201 puzzles of ever-increasing difficulty, starting at tricky and progressing to insanely hard. They’re broken down into 5 levels, each requiring additional solving skills, but within each level they also get tougher as you progress. Although the puzzles really do get very difficult, they never require ‘unfair’ logic or obscure solving techniques that you’d be unlikely to come up with just on your own. Take a look at my previous posting on hard sudoku for an example – although they get harder than this in the book!