Samurai 3-grid Calcudoku 6×6 puzzle

I’ve been posting a few new varieties of Sudoku puzzle in the daily puzzle section of PuzzleMix (i.e. the subscription section, which costs less than £1 a month for well over 1,000 puzzles a year). These aren’t especially unusual variations, but I’ve done a few different mixes (e.g. Sudoku-X 12×12 and Wraparound Sudoku 6×6), and I thought it was about time I posted a new mix here too.

So here’s a 3-grid Samurai Calcudoku puzzle.  You must place 1-6 in each of the 3 underlying 6×6 grids – I’m afraid these aren’t marked explicitly so you might want to draw in where the grid borders go so you don’t forget whilst solving.  Other than that, also place numbers so that the number given in each bold-lined cage results from applying the given operator between the numbers in that cage. Start with the highest number for division and subtraction. There is no restriction on repeating numbers in cages.

Good luck! :)