I wrote quite a lot yesterday about whether you “needed” the X in some Sudoku-X puzzles. I promised that I’d follow up with the result of analysing a stack of Killer Sudoku-X puzzles, and so here is that result.

I picked 64 Killer Sudoku-X puzzles (52 for the daily puzzlemix section plus 12 for the weekly puzzlemix section), and of those about 5 or 6 (I didn’t write it down…) could be solved via reasonable logical deduction without using the ‘X’ diagonals.  So that’s roughly 10% of puzzles, if picked at random, that don’t need it.  Quite a bit worse than regular Sudoku-X (see previous post), but nowhere near as high a percentage as I’d expected – I had thought it could be 50% or more, although I should say that this isn’t actually a fair comparison because I disabled the cleverest maths-solving techniques from my analysis software. So in fact this is comparing clever Sudoku-X solving against the same Sudoku-X solving with the addition of relatively less clever Killer Sudoku-X solving, so perhaps this biased the result much more to the non-Killer result (from yesterday) than it should have done.  But anyway, I’m not writing a scientific paper and it’s good enough for me!

Killer Sudoku-X puzzle
So the result of all this is pretty simple: the Killer Sudoku-X on PuzzleMix for the coming year should be better than ever!  You should need that X every time… :)

PS Enjoy the Killer Sudoku-X I’ve attached here! Just place 1 to 9 in each row, column, 3×3 box and main diagonal, plus make sure the cages add to the given amounts – and don’t repeat a number in a cage.