Sudoku 36×36 puzzle

Giant Sudoku puzzles are one of those things that divide people.  With 25×25 puzzles some love them, whilst others simply can’t understand why anyone could ever have the patience to do them.  But whatever your personal opinion, they remain popular – even Nikoli (the people who named Sudoku ‘Sudoku’) make them regularly, and sometimes include them on special fold-out sections at the back of their books and magazines.

Since they are so divisive I try not to include many of them in Sudoku Xtra magazine (one of each, in fact, plus a 20×20). Therefore I recently created books of both 16×16 and 25×25 puzzles – available pre-printed or for download.  However what I’ve never tried making is a 36×36 puzzle – is there anyone, anywhere who would want to do one of these?  If so, let me know! :)

So just for fun, for those who would consider it fun, here’s a 36×36 Sudoku. Just place 1 to 36 into each row, column and 6×6 box. You’ll be relieved to know that no pencil marks are required to solve this puzzle!

Good luck!