I’m really pleased to announce that issue 3 of Sudoku Xtra magazine is now available for download!

This issue is packed full of all sorts of puzzles, including SOS (Samurai Outside Sudoku!), Toroidal Inequalities and many more.  Community puzzles include picture puzzle Mosaic from Clarity Media, and some fantastic Slitherlink-Masyu cross-over puzzles called Shotgun Slitherlink from David Millar of The Griddle.  There’s also some brilliant Klump and Navigrid puzzles from Vexus Puzzle Design.

With 121 puzzles it will almost certainly take you far more than the month until issue 4 to complete, so you’d better get hold of it as soon as possible! :)

Pre-printed versions will be available in the next couple of days, but you can download and print it yourself immediately!