Hashi-3 12×12 puzzle

Hashi-3 example solution

I’ve been discussing Hashi variations in the comments to a previous posting, so I thought I’d try out one of them today.  This is not a brand new variation because it’s a somewhat obvious change, but it’s not very commonly seen even so.

In this version of Hashi you must place no more than 3 lines between any two islands (as opposed to the restriction to no more than 2 lines in regular Hashi).  The full rules, then, are:

  • Each circle represents an island.  You must draw bridges between islands to connect all of the islands together, so you can travel from any given island to any other island just by crossing bridges.
  • Bridges can only be placed in exactly horizontal or vertical directions
  • Bridges cannot cross over any islands – when they reach an island they must stop
  • Each island must have the number of bridges connected to it specified by the number on the island
  • There can be no more than 3 direct bridges between any 2 islands.

Take a look at the example puzzle, which shows how Hashi-3 (anyone got a suggestion for a better name?!) works.

This puzzle is difficult – it will probably take  you a good 15 minutes, despite its size – but see how you find it! :)