Consecutive 12×12 Sudoku puzzle

After a bit of a break to meet a major book deadline – the non-consecutive part of the title of this posting – I’m back with what seems to be one of the most popular types of puzzle, a Consecutive Sudoku.  I wanted something a little bit different, though, so this is a Consecutive Sudoku 12×12.  I personally always find Sudoku 12×12 pretty similar to regular 9×9 Sudoku to solve, unlike something like 16×16 which personally I’d never really bother with (apologies to anyone who loves them!).

In order to make the consecutive nature of the 12 possible values obvious, I’ve used one- and two-digit numbers rather than digits and letters.  So the rules are simple: place 1 to 12 into each row, column and 4×3 box whilst obeying the white consecutive markers.  Wherever there is a white consecutive marker between two squares then the difference of value in those two squares is 1; and conversely whereever there is no marker the difference is always greater than 1.

So sorry for the break – hopefully ‘normal’ service will now be resumed! :)

And good luck with the puzzle!