Killer Sudoku Multiplication 9×9 puzzle

Killer Sudoku Multiplication 6×6 puzzle

I thought it would be interesting to see what a Killer Sudoku puzzle would look like if every operation in it was multiplication, so I decided to try it out.

The puzzles attached aren’t labelled with ‘x’ signs, but it should be fairly obvious from the totals that addition is not enough!  Single-cell regions are simply equal to the stated value, but in all others you must multiply all of the cell values together to give the total at the top-left.  Note that this follows Killer Sudoku rules, so a number cannot be repeated within a region.

These are all definitely rated ‘gentle’ – the logic required is simple, even though the multiplication might appear intimidating! In actual fact you don’t need to calculate most of the big values – try the 6×6 puzzle first to see why this is.

Good luck!

PS Subtraction and division are less interesting, unless you allow negative or fractional numbers!  I’ll probably post examples of both the next couple of days anyway however!